Welcome to our patient forum.  It was created to allow our patients as well as those who may be seeking information about our services, to be able to share comments with us as well as other patients in various stages of their treatment.  We have opened this forum to all who wish to add comments or ask questions.  We do however, screen all comments prior to publishing them.  We will only publish those comments that are constructive and have value to other patients, or provide information to visitors that might be considering getting help for themselves or a family member.


So, if you are currently our patient, we invite you to take part in the forum.  It is an opportunity for all to learn from others who may be on the same journey.  Use this platform to talk about your progress, or bumps in the road you may encounter on your journey.  Ask questions of us or your fellow patients.  We believe there is much to be learned, and encouragement to be gained from others who have shared your experiences.


If you are visiting our site as someone that may be interested in any of our services, feel free to ask questions.  We will try to answer them promptly, and possibly one or more of our forum participants can add answers from their perspective.


To protect your privacy please use only a first name, or an alias when posting comments.


Thank you, we hope this forum will become a great success.


Lori Scott MD


* Disclaimer:  Results vary from patient to patient.  You should not expect to experience the same results as others posting comments to this site. 

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