Special Announcement!  We will soon be offering The Sinclair Method treatment to patients in the bordering states of South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, and Virginia entirely through telemedicine.
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​News:  Treatment now available entirely from the privacy of your home via our entirely secure video platform.



Have you tried and failed all the traditional methods of quitting drinking?  Do you still want to quit or reduce your drinking dramatically?


There is a proven treatment method that can work for you.  Developed in Finland and now available in the United States, it is for people who are currently drinking but want to stop or significantly cut down.


The Sinclair Method is an effective solution to the problem of excessive drinking that utilizes a drug called Naltrexone to greatly reduce the cravings for alcohol, and we have structured our treatment protocol so that all, if so desired, or part of the visits with Dr. Scott can be accomplished via secure video conferencing from the privacy of home.


Numerous clinical trials have shown The Sinclair Method (TSM) to be highly effective in allowing patients to reduce their drinking to acceptable levels or, to abstain from drinking if they so choose.  Many that undergo treatment are able to reduce their drinking significantly, and many choose to stop drinking at all.  The Sinclair Method, however, does not work for everyone.  If you are currently sober, or having success with other conventional methods of treatment, you should not begin The Sinclair Method.  Those persons that take opioid pain medications on a regular basis are also not good candidates for treatment, as naltrexone is an opioid antagonist and can cause severe withdrawal symptoms when taken in conjunction with opioid pain medications.


TSM is a simple process that does not require inpatient treatment, or detoxification. The patient is prescribed a drug called naltrexone, and directed to take it about one hour before the first drink of the day.  Naltrexone has been shown to be highly safe when taken as directed and not addictive.  Using a technique called pharmacological extinction, naltrexone reduces the craving to drink over time to pre-addiction levels.


It is beneficial to combine the Sinclair Method with cognitive behavioral therapy.  We have licensed in-house counseling available to work with you on a schedule that is convenient.


If you have tried and failed traditional 12 step methods, expensive in-patient rehab centers, and trying to quit on your own, give us a call or email (loriscottfamilycare@live.com).


​Our pricing is very simple and affordable for anyone seeking treatment.  The initial visit is $150.00 and includes the cost of blood work to assess liver function.  From that point on there is a recurring monthly charge of ​$75.00 ​that includes a minimum of 1 secure video visit, and any other visits that either the patient or doctor thinks are beneficial.  The doctor would also be available for any telephone consultations the patient would like.  Normally the treatment takes from 9 to 12 months to extinguish the desire to drink to excess.


Note: For those of you that live in North Carolina but outside the local counties surrounding Kinston, we have developed a treatment protocol that can be accomplished entirely via our secure video portal.  There would be no need to travel to Kinston for treatment.


Note to current Sinclair Method patients:   The CThree Foundation has created a drinking log to help you monitor your progress.  It is a great tool to help you see at a glance how you are doing, and can also be used to let family members know how you are doing.  Remember, this is a process that takes time, and this log can be a great help.  Click on the link below to download your own drinking log.