Addiction to opioid pain killers and heroin is a problem of epidemic proportions in eastern North Carolina and nationwide.  Men and women of all ages, occupations, and walks of life, can, and do, become addicted every day.  Whether the addiction is the result of recreational use of pain killers, or heroin, or the result of the prescription use of opioid pain killers due to disease or injury, the end result is the same:




If you or a loved one is struggling with opioid addiction, call today and ask about our Suboxone Treatment Program.


For over eight years Dr. Scott has been helping people struggling with opioid dependency overcome addiction and return to normal productive lives.  The combination of Suboxone therapy and Dr. Scott's caring, compassionate, yet no-nonsense approach to treatment has proven very effective for hundreds of her patients over the years.


Suboxone therapy, however, is not a magic pill.  Suboxone can and will block the craving for opioids but it in itself is not a cure.  Patients must recognize that success is a long term journey, and be willing to do those things that are required to achieve that success:

  • Keeping and being on time to all appointments  (missed appointments will not be tolerated)
  • Clean urine drug screens at each appointment.
  • Lifestyle and behavioral changes:  Such as ending relationships with anyone that would encourage you or tempt you to take illicit drugs again.
  • Receiving counseling to help you modify those behaviors.  We have a licensed addiction counselor available in our practice if you would like to use her, or you are free to consult with another of your choice.

Dr. Scott has recently received approval to treat up to 275 patients instead of the normal 100 that has been the limit for many years.  She therefore, has several openings available for those of you that are interested in receiving help.  So don't delay, call 252-686-0920 for complete details and to request an appointment.  These openings will fill rapidly