Our mission at Lori Scott Family Care is to give our patients the time, attention, and quality medical care they need and deserve.  If you have been to a doctor lately, you have probably experienced difficulty getting an appointment in a timely manner, or a long wait in the office to see the doctor, and - or a visit with a doctor that is just too short (sometimes as little as 5 minutes) to cover all the issues you want to discuss.


Due to increasingly smaller reimbursements from insurance companies, medical practices are under constant pressure to see more patients in order to keep money coming into the practice.


The paperwork involved with filing insurance claims is enormous and getting more complex every day, and practices that accept insurance must maintain large office staffs to handle the workload.


These things result in higher costs for the practice, and again put pressure on the doctors to see more and more patients in their day. 


Lori Scott Family Care was created to provide top quality family medical care direct to our patients without the interference and red tape that comes with the acceptance of medical insurance.  We feel that this is family medicine practiced as it should be with no one coming between Dr. Scott and her patients.


We do not accept Medicare, Medicaid, or any private health insurance. This allows us to maintain a small office staff and keep our overhead costs to a minimum.  As a result Dr. Scott is able to spend whatever time is necessary with each patient.  Our patients never feel rushed and are encouraged to discuss any questions or concerns they may have regarding their health care.


Lower overhead costs also allow us to keep the cost of office visits low ($59 for an office visit).  Many of our patients have health insurance but choose our practice due to the quality of care received.  In these days of higher co-pays, and deductibles, many of our patients tell us it is less expensive to see Dr. Scott.


Other services such as injections or procedures are at an extra charge but are also very affordable.


We have negotiated very low prices with a national laboratory for our cash pay patients needing lab tests.  They are way below what is charged in hospitals and other lab testing companies.


In order to keep the quality of care at a high level, we limit the number of family medicine patients in our practice at any one time.  If you are interested in becoming a patient please call or email us (loriscottfamilycare@live.com) and ask if we have any openings.