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Med Spa Membership


Membership in The Med Spa at Lori Scott Family Care is an outstanding value


Each Member is entitled to one of our treatments per month with the exception of the LumiSlim Laser Lipo. Best results are achieved with 2 treatments a week over a 4 week period (eight treatments). Therefore a member may have these 4 week treatments twice a year.


 TreatmentRetail Value  Member Price
TempSure Envi (eyes)$250.00 Included
TempSure Envi (upper face) $350.00  Included
TempSure Envi (lower face) $350.00  Included
TempSure Envi (full face)$650.00  Included
TempSure Body (each area)$325.00  Included
TempSure Spider Vein Treatment$300.00  Included
PicoSure (skin pigmentation)$400.00  Included
PicoSure (skin revitalization face) $500.00  Included
PicoSure (tattoo removal) $350.00  Included
LumiSlim laser lipo (8 treatment)$800.00  Included


All of this is included with your monthly membership fee of $99.00

(One year membership is required)


Should a member like additional treatments in a month they are available for only $59.00 per treatment.


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