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The Effects of Addiction on the Human Brain

Addiction inhibits your ability to make smart decisions and avoid acting impulsively. It can make you feel depressed and lifeless, among other symptoms, because of the way it affects your brain. Learn how addiction changes the way your brain works.

Mar 18th, 2020
Need a Little Help With Your Weight-Loss Resolution?

You said it yourself: 2020 was the year you would finally shed those extra pounds and feel good about yourself again. But carrying that enthusiasm into the new year hasn’t been quite so easy. Learn how to make your resolution a reality.

Feb 10th, 2020
Facts and Myths About Suboxone Treatment for Opioid Addiction

For something that’s in the news as often as opioid addiction is, there are still many myths and untruths surrounding the condition and its treatments. Take this opportunity to clear up some of the confusion about treating an opioid addiction.

Dec 1st, 2019
How Does Tattoo Removal Actually Work?

Lots of people want to get their tattoos removed, but many of them don't know how the process actually works. We give you the breakdown, so you can be informed when you decide to make that first appointment.

Jun 13th, 2019
Reduce the Appearance of Wrinkles With Tempsure Envi

With advances in aesthetic medicine, you don’t have to get a face-lift to erase years from your look. Aesthetic treatments like TempSure™ Envi can reduce the appearance of your wrinkles without surgery, or even downtime.

Mar 14th, 2019