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Reasons Why We Love Laser Lipo

Reasons Why We Love Laser Lipo

If you’re looking to get rid of stubborn fat, there are several options out there. Traditional liposuction requires surgery that comes with several risks. However, laser lipo is a great alternative that also removes stubborn fat without the hassle of a surgical procedure.

In Kinston, North Carolina, Dr. Lori Scott provides medical and aesthetic services, including laser lipo. If you’re looking to improve your appearance by doing away with unwanted fat, Dr. Scott and her team can help.

How does laser lipo work?

Laser lipo is a form of minimally invasive body sculpting that uses lasers to help get rid stubborn pockets of fat in your body. It’s performed in the office, and it doesn’t require general anesthesia. You may be asked to get into a gown to allow Dr. Scott access to the area you’re having treated, and she uses a local anesthetic to numb the treatment area.

Once you’re numb, Dr. Scott makes a tiny incision in your skin so the laser tool can penetrate the fat. Once the tool enters your body, the laser liquefies the fat deposits in that area. Then Dr. Scott inserts a small suction tube to remove the liquid fat from your body.

This procedure takes about an hour per area treated. Once she’s finished, Dr. Scott covers the area with a dressing and you’re free to go home.

The benefits of laser lipo

Laser lipo is a great alternative to traditional liposuction, as it requires little downtime but is just as effective, if not more so, than the more invasive traditional procedure.

Minimally invasive, with lower risks

This procedure is done using minimally invasive techniques to liquefy fat under your skin and remove it from your body. It carries much less risk of infection and involves a quicker recovery.

Safer than traditional liposuction, laser lipo is done in our office, and you don’t need anesthesia. You’re awake for the entire procedure, reducing the risks related to anesthetics. There’s also only a tiny incision, compared to much larger incisions with traditional liposuction.

Extremely effective

Laser lipo is just as effective as traditional liposuction, but without the long recovery. You can use it to target love handles and saddlebags and get rid of fat and cellulite almost anywhere on your body.

Tightens your skin

The laser involved in the procedure also stimulates collagen production. Collagen helps keep your skin looking young and taught, instead of saggy and aged. This results in firmer looking skin at the treatment area, unlike with traditional liposuction.

Dr. Scott has years of experience using laser lipo to give people the sculpted body they’ve been hoping for. If you’re just not getting the results you want at the gym, laser lipo can help you achieve your goals.

Who can get laser lipo?

Anyone who’s looking to improve their body contour and lose stubborn pockets of fat can get laser lipo. For this form of body sculpting to be effective, you should be close to your goal weight and healthy.

Laser lipo is typically done on smaller, concentrated areas of your body, because of the size of the suction tube used. Typical areas where people get laser lipo include:

At your consultation, Dr. Scott goes over the procedure to make sure you understand how laser lipo works. She also evaluates your medical history and surgical history to determine if you’re a good candidate for this procedure.

If you’re interested in learning more about laser liposuction — or if you’re ready to get started — call our office today at 252-238-7079 to schedule a consultation. You can also book an appointment online.

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