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The Dangers of Being Overweight

The Dangers of Being Overweight

If you’re not happy with your weight, it can cause anxiety when you go out or try on new clothes. The excess weight has other consequences as well. Health issues can sneak up on you when you’re overweight or obese, but a medical weight loss plan can help.

At Lori Scott Family Care, our team's goal is to help you finally get rid of that excess weight you’ve struggled with. Diet and exercise alone works for some people, but if they haven’t worked for you, Dr. Lori Scott can help. An expert in both aesthetics and addiction, she offers several weight loss options to fit your lifestyle.

What’s considered overweight?

When you look in the mirror, do you like what you see? If you don’t because of a few extra pounds, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re overweight. Everyone is different when it comes to their ideal weight.

The best way to determine if you’re overweight or obese, putting your health in danger, is to find out what your body mass index (BMI) is. Your BMI is determined based on your height and your weight.

There are four categories of BMI — underweight, normal weight, overweight, and obese. The numbers that correlate with these categories are:

Dr. Scott helps you determine if your weight is normal for your height. If you’re higher than the normal range, you’re at a greater risk for many different health conditions.

The dangers of excess weight on your health

Obesity doesn’t just affect the way you look — it also has detrimental effects on your health. Every part of your body is affected when you’re carrying extra pounds, from your heart to your joints. 

The biggest dangers to your health with obesity are those that affect your heart. However, many other health issues can pop up as well, including:

When you’re overweight, you’re more likely to develop osteoarthritis. This condition affects the cartilage in your joint and leads to deterioration of the joint along with pain and impaired mobility. And those extra pounds exacerbate the condition if you already have it.

Many types of cancer are also associated with being overweight. Gallbladder cancer, colon cancer, and kidney cancer are just a few of the types of the disease that could affect you if you’re carrying extra weight.

How to lose the weight for good

If you’re overweight, the best way to decrease your risk for the above conditions is to get rid of the excess pounds. That’s often easier said than done, but Dr. Scott and her team can help you formulate a plan that works for you to effectively lose weight.

Dr. Scott’s medical weight loss programs are tailored to your specific needs. When you start a medical weight loss plan, you receive a full physical exam and can expect expert:

Dr. Scott also prescribes appetite suppressant medications, which help with decreasing your cravings and reducing the amount you eat at meals. Supplementation and vitamin B12 injections can also help you finally reach your goals.

With our personalized weight loss plans, you can expect to lose weight slowly but efficiently. Dr. Scott gets you the specialized care and support you need to ensure that the pounds stay off for good. 

Losing weight decreases your chances of suffering from many chronic diseases that can affect your health and your life. If you’re carrying excess weight and want to lose it efficiently, call our office today at 252-238-7079 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Scott, or book a consultation online.

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