Get Your Body Summer Ready With Laser Lipo

Get Your Body Summer Ready With Laser Lipo

Summer is quickly approaching, and you’re getting out your shorts, tank tops, and bathing suits. However, the long winter may have done a number on your body, making you self-conscious about showing off your figure in the warmer weather.

Fat accumulates around your abdomen, buttocks, and flanks, causing you to dread being at the pool or the beach in your bikini. If you're tired of working out and dieting without the desired results, Dr. Lori Scott and her team at Lori Scott Family Care in Kinston, North Carolina, offer laser lipo for fast results — just in time for summer.

Understanding laser lipo

Do you wish there was a way you could sculpt your body without endless brutal workouts in the gym and further restricting your diet to salads and water? You're in luck because laser lipo is the real deal in eliminating stubborn fat in your body.

Laser lipo is a minimally invasive treatment that uses fiber-optic laser energy to heat fat cells and melt them away effectively. Unlike traditional liposuction, you don't need anesthesia for the procedure, and it’s relatively painless.

The laser energy heats the fat cells to eliminate them and stimulates collagen production. When your body makes more collagen, your skin tightens around the treatment area, which traditional liposuction doesn't do.

Before you receive laser lipo, Dr. Scott evaluates your health and areas of concern to determine if laser lipo is the best option for you. You may benefit from this treatment if you have stubborn pockets of fat that are resistant to your exercise and diet efforts.

During the laser lipo procedure, a numbing cream applied to the treatment site provides a comfortable experience. The laser energy initially creates a cooling sensation, and then you may feel tingling and warmth during the 25-minute procedure.

Could laser lipo be right for you?

Laser lipo is a great option when you don't want to take the risk of traditional liposuction surgery. With summer approaching, you want something with fast results and promising outcomes.

It’s an excellent body sculpting option if you have small pockets of fat. If you have large areas of fat bulges that will likely result in sagging skin if they’re removed, consider laser lipo along with traditional liposuction for optimal results.

Note that laser lipo is not a weight loss strategy — it’s ideal for people in good shape and near their ideal weight. When you work out regularly and target areas with extra fat to no avail, laser lipo is a safe and effective option for fat removal and skin tightening, especially as bikini season is nearing.

Where can you use laser lipo?

Laser lipo is best used for smaller localized pockets of fat in the following areas:

Laser lipo is an excellent option if you're looking for fast results, minimal downtime, and head-turning fat loss. Although every procedure has risks, laser lipo has few side effects and gets your body summer ready in as little as six weeks.

To learn more about laser lipo, call Lori Scott Family Care at 252-238-7079 or book an appointment online today using our convenient scheduling tool.

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