Get Rid of Your Stubborn Fat With Laser Lipo

Get Rid of Your Stubborn Fat With Laser Lipo

Trying to lose weight and get the perfect body are very difficult tasks, especially as you get older. Diet and exercise are the normal go-to strategies, but they don’t always work on every area of your body. Stubborn fat is often hard to get rid of, even with a strict diet and vigorous exercise. This is where laser lipo may be able to help.

At Lori Scott Family Care, our team helps you when you want to lose excess weight. Dr. Lori Scott is an aesthetic specialist, who offers a number of different therapies to help you get rid of the weight, including laser lipo.

How does laser lipo work?

Laser lipo, which is also known as laser lipolysis, is a minimally invasive way for you to get rid of stubborn fat in your body. The procedure is done in our office, and you only need numbing medication to have it done; no anesthesia is required.

For the laser lipo procedure, Dr. Scott numbs the area that she’s working on, then makes a small incision. After that, she inserts a small laser probe into the incision. The laser works by causing the subcutaneous fat to liquify, making it easy to then suction out.

Once the fat is in liquid form, Dr. Scott takes the laser probe out and inserts a suction cannula to get rid of the liquid fat. If you’re having more than one area worked on, she’ll move on to the next area.

Laser lipo is minimally invasive, meaning there isn’t a lot of downtime needed after you’ve had it done. You may have slight discomfort in the area where the procedure was performed, but it’s unlikely that you’ll have severe pain. 

Dr. Scott recommends that you take it easy for a few days after your procedure. You should be able to resume all of your normal activities within a few weeks.

Areas of your body it can help

Stubborn fat accumulates in many different areas of your body. This fat is often resistant to even the most vigorous workouts. Laser lipo has the ability to help sculpt many areas of your body, including:

You can also get laser lipo on the fat that sometimes accumulates underneath your chin. Before you have your procedure, Dr. Scott sits down with you and discusses what your expectations are and where you think your problem areas are located.

Are there any risks?

Just like any other procedure on your body, laser lipo does have some risks. However, in most cases, Dr. Scott recommends this procedure because the good outweighs the risks. It is important that you understand the risks associated with laser lipo, and they include:

While these risks seem severe, it’s rare that they occur. However, it’s good to keep them in mind when you’re considering having laser lipo done on any area of your body.

Laser lipo is a great option when you don’t want to undergo more invasive procedures like traditional liposuction. You get the same results, with much less down time and no need for anesthesia.

While these risks are a potential for laser lipo procedures, Dr. Scott takes the utmost care in making sure you don’t have any issues as long as you follow her aftercare instructions. 

Don’t let your stubborn fat stick around — don’t hesitate to call our office at 252-238-7079 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Scott. You can also book a consultation online today.

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