Signs That Your Holiday Alcohol Consumption May Be Problematic

It’s 100 percent normal to have a drink (or a few) at holiday gatherings and dinners. Who doesn’t love a fancy holiday cocktail, after all? 

However, certain drinking habits and behaviors may indicate an underlying problem, such as alcohol dependency or even addiction. If you experienced any of the following scenarios this past holiday season, it might be time to re-evaluate your relationship with alcohol. 

In the case that you find your drinking habits to be problematic, it’s important to see a doctor who can help you navigate alcohol dependency and free yourself from the grips of addiction, like Dr. Lori Scott of Lori Scott Family Care, who has more than a decade of experience helping patients overcome substance use problems. 

8 signs your alcohol consumption might be problematic

You feel out of control around alcohol

Do you feel scared, nervous, hesitant, or anxious when you’re invited to a drinking event? People often experience these feelings when they don’t trust themselves around alcohol. If you can’t trust yourself around alcohol, you might have a problem with alcohol consumption.

You regularly drink much more than the people you’re with

Some people can handle more alcohol than others, which is totally normal. But if you’re slamming back drink after drink while your friends have just one or two, it may indicate dangerous drinking habits. 

You often black out, pass out, or throw up 

There’s a fine line when it comes to alcohol — one moment, you’re enjoying a subtle buzz and feeling good, and the next moment you’re on the floor or face-down in the toilet. If you often find yourself crossing that line from pleasurable drinking to “fighting for my life” drinking, you may need to talk to a doctor about your drinking habits.

You always wake up with unbearable hangovers

Brutal hangovers are a sign you drank too much. It’s pretty normal to get hungover every once in a while (as in, a couple times a year, if that), but it’s not normal to wake up after every holiday gathering with a raging headache, nausea, or other hangover symptoms. 

People say your personality changes significantly under the influence

No one likes an unpredictable drinker. If you’ve been told that you become aggressive, mean, harsh, or egotistical, you might need to cut back on your alcohol consumption.

You partake in dangerous activities while drinking

Many people become silly and overly confident when they drink. In people with drinking problems, though, things can go overboard without warning and become dangerous. Examples include driving under the influence, getting into physical or verbal fights, or performing dangerous stunts or tricks. 

You drink before the drinking event

Drinking before the actual drinking event — whether you do so because you need to relax prior to the event, because you think there won’t be enough alcohol at the event, or because of any other reason — indicates a problem.

You hide your alcohol consumption out of embarrassment

If you have to hide your drinking because you’re embarrassed, you probably have an unhealthy relationship with alcohol. Normal levels of alcohol consumption needn’t be hid from others.

Do you need help with alcohol dependency? Schedule an appointment with Dr. Scott by calling our Kinston, North Carolina, office at 252-238-7079. You can also book online today.

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